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I-Cubator is an online platform specifically designed to help home-based businesses and rural businesses get access to information, resources, and business opportunities all over the world. Your location is no longer an impediment for doing business all over the world.


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With technology and the right training, you can sell your product or services to businesses, corporations and government agencies all over the world.  This provides a lucrative space for home-based businesses, micro businesses, rural-owned businesses, and work-at-home-parents to transition into the commercial and federal  contracting arena.   Our global network connects businesses all over the world.  Don't let your location keep you from starting or expanding your business.  

How I-Cubator Helps Your Rural-Based or Home-Based Business

The challenge many home-based businesses, micro businesses, rural small businesses, and work-at-home parents face is getting timely access to potential opportunities. 

Micro businesses and especially rural businesses miss opportunities because their location and/or small network keeps them out of the loop and make it nearly impossible for business owners to latch on to bigger opportunities.

If you are a rural-based or home-based business owner and you want to prepare your business for growth and/or to make a successful transition into the public sector by learning how to do business with the government, join the only web-based small business incubator with a developed curriculum that will help you find and win contracts.  Membership is FREE!  

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